Walk The Bissoe Trail

We really enjoy the company of our customers, but with the new lockdown measures in place, and only one person at any one time allowed in reception, ‘hanging’ around on the forecourt while we work on your car has become the only option while you wait. So, we called our lovely packed lunch monitor, Flower the dog, back in off furlough and sent her off to find something a little more interesting for you to do.

Just across the road from the garage is a handy little path that by-passes the main road and takes you down to the Bissoe trail.

Once you are on the trail you can take a left or right turn, either way makes for a lovely walk but Flower usually turns right because there is the option of cake at the end. The trail is commonly used by cyclists and occasionally horses so just be aware if you take your little people or dogs with you, we fix cars not squished people.

Following along the path you will cross a bridge and then just a few metres further another little path will take you away from the main path and into a wildflower meadow. Once through here, you rejoin the main path and continue toward the ponds/lakes, (Flower is never sure when a pond is big enough to be considered a lake or a lake is small enough to be considered a large pond, any suggestions?).

It’s around about this point that Flower has to exercise patience as the two ponds/lakes are an easy distraction for us humans especially in Spring and Summer. A hive of industry is in full swing with Moorhen and Little Grebe busy going about their Spring & Summer business.

When you can tear yourself away from the activity on the water carry on toward the old arsenic refinery, and while the kids (if you’ve brought them too), play on the big blanket covered mound, you can stand and ponder over why someone has sellotaped a piece of string to the Mineral Tramways plaque.

If you carry on to the end of the path you can turn right at the road for a coffee at the Bike Chain Bissoe, (at the time of writing this the cafe is closed but there is still a lovely coffee van where you can grab a take out), or turn left and grab a pasty from Petes Pasties.

Right I’m off to catch up with Flower, she’s humphed off because she didn’t get Cake this time! See you back at the garage!